Aromatherapy Essential Oil Used For Humidifier



  • Brand Name:Huanyancao
  • Item Type:Essential Oil
  • Model Number:12pcs/lots
  • Certificate Number:10ML/PCS
  • Country/Region of Manufacture:China
  • Ingredient:Humidifier dedicated
  • Certification:GZZZ
  • Essential Oil Type:Incense Tools
  • Effect: :Anti-wrinkle anti-aging, relaxation active, other
  • Note::include 12 different flavors

It is a water-soluble oil, suitable for the humidifier, atomized spray, aroma lamps ,incense lamp, electronic aromatherapy furnace

Not available for skin care, can not be directly applied to the skin.

Specification: 10 ml /bottles

Including 12 flavors: 10ml of jasmine, 10ml of lavender, 10ml of roses, 10ml of lemon, 10ml of lilies, 10ml of sandalwood, 10ml Cherry blossoms, 10ml of Violet, 10ml of green tea, 10ml of green bamboo, 10ml of oceans,10ml vanilla

Effect: fresh air, pleasant physical and mental, help sleep,calm relaxation,reduce Pressure

Packaging includes: 12 PCS


Estimated Delivery Time:12-20days


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