GouGou 4 PCS Medical Sports Athletic Tape Non Elastic Wraps 1.5 in x 15yd Easy Tearing Breathable Latex Free Zinc Oxide Adhesive For Ankles Wrist Hands Knees Elbow Feet shoulder heel White

Buy Here on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2yxB63s

About the product
  • ZIGZAG EDGE FOR EASY TEARING:There is no need for tape cutters. Just wrap, pinch, tear with your fingers.
  • HIGH TENSILE COTTON FIBERS:Latex free zinc-oxide adhesive ensures contact to the skin and prevents skin irritation.
  • NON ELASTIC: provide maximum compression, apply properly to avoid cutting circulation.
  • BREATHABLE: Hospital grade material allows moisture created by intense activity to permeate the tape and avoid build up maximizing adhesion to skin.
  • SUPPORTS AND MAINTAINS ALL YOUR MAJOR JOINTS:Great for Ankles Wrist Hands Knees Elbow Feet shoulder heel.Helps prevent sprains, twists, and tweaks.

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