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Essentia Ionized Alkaline 9.5 pH Bottled Water, 1.5 Liter, (Pack of 12)

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About the product
  • Essentia is supercharged ionized alkaline water that’s better at rehydrating*
  • Removal of the bitter-tasting acidic ions, through our unique ionization process, creates a 9.5pH (or higher) alkaline water
  • Water from any source is passed through microfiltration, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet exposure making Essentia 99.9% pure
  • Trace amounts of electrolytes are added for taste and to complement the body’s natural mix
  • Essentia is BPA-free, fluoride-free, chromium-free and chlorine-free
  • Essentia is the only bottled water listed in the Physicians’ Desk Reference
  • Essentia Water 1.5 Liter Bottles, 12 Pack
  • Essentia drinking water is purified through micro-filtration, UV lighting and reverse osmosis; No chlorine or flouride; Enhanced with pure minerals; Restructured through ionic separation
  • To test water – use a calibrated good quality laboratory type pH meter, test a fresh sample, be careful to not contaminate the sample with dirty probes or containers. We guarantee Essentia Water pH to be within 9.2 to 9.8 when accurately tested. You can find meters online; search for calibrated pH meter
  • Convenient and portable in BPA and Phthalate free recyclable bottles
  • Essentia is a great product used in many restaurants, hotels and cafes

GouGou 4 PCS Medical Sports Athletic Tape Non Elastic Wraps 1.5 in x 15yd Easy Tearing Breathable Latex Free Zinc Oxide Adhesive For Ankles Wrist Hands Knees Elbow Feet shoulder heel White

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About the product
  • ZIGZAG EDGE FOR EASY TEARING:There is no need for tape cutters. Just wrap, pinch, tear with your fingers.
  • HIGH TENSILE COTTON FIBERS:Latex free zinc-oxide adhesive ensures contact to the skin and prevents skin irritation.
  • NON ELASTIC: provide maximum compression, apply properly to avoid cutting circulation.
  • BREATHABLE: Hospital grade material allows moisture created by intense activity to permeate the tape and avoid build up maximizing adhesion to skin.
  • SUPPORTS AND MAINTAINS ALL YOUR MAJOR JOINTS:Great for Ankles Wrist Hands Knees Elbow Feet shoulder heel.Helps prevent sprains, twists, and tweaks.

BSN Medical Leukotape P Sports Tape, 1 1/2 Inch x 15 Yard

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About the product
  • Leukotape P is specifically designed for the patellofemoral (McConnell) taping
  • High tensile strength yet hand tearable for easy application
  • Rigid joint immobilization and limitation of movement

Gatorade Recover Protein Shake, Cookies & Crème, 11.16 Ounce, (Pack of 12)

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About the product
  • Waste nothing; Get the protein you need to help rebuild your muscles so you can recover and come back strong
  • 20 grams of protein per serving
  • Drink what the pros drink
  • 11.6 Ounce Bottles, 12 Pack
  • After workout shake available in cookies & crème
  • Made with 20g of milk protein to help rebuild your muscles—so you can come back strong.
  • Scientifically developed for athletes, each shake contains protein, carbs and electrolytes.
  • Get ready for tomorrow’s game by replenishing your fuel levels.
  • Available in Chocolate, Vanilla, Peanut Butter Chocolate, and Cookies & Creme
  • 11.16 Ounce Bottles (Pack of 12)

Gatorade Prime Energy Chews, Strawberry (Pack of 16)

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About the product
  • Eat before training to resupply fuel levels and prep muscles for game time.
  • Contains carbohydrates, your body’s preferred source of fuel.
  • As part of a daily diet, B vitamins assist in breaking down carbs into fuel that muscles can readily use.
  • Available in Fruit Punch, Cool Blue, Strawberry and Green Apple
  • 6 Chews per sleeve (Pack of 16 Sleeves)

Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews (8 Count) – Cherry Cola, Orange Blossom, Pomegranate

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About the product
  • 8 Pack – 1 x Cherry Blossom, 1 x Limeade – Caffeinated, 1 x Cherry Cola – Caffeinated, 1 x Fruit Smoothie (combination of Cherry, Orange and Berry), 1 x Orange, 1 x Pink Lemonade, 1 x Pomegranate Passion, and 1 x Grapefruit (1.8 oz each)
  • Source of energy – Honey Stinger Chews are sweetened with organic honey and tapioca syrup and include naturally occurring fiber and protein.
  • Great for activities: biking, running, wrestling, ski, climbing, lifting, surfing, or chopping wood all day 🙂
  • Certified organic, gluten free and fortified with 100% RDA vitamin C
  • Honey Stinger makes nutritious and great tasting honey-based foods including energy bars, protein bars, energy gels, organic waffles, organic chews, kids specific snacks and their very own Organic Wildflower Honey with many fruit flavors

BPI Sports Best BCAA Shredded Caffeine Free Thermogenic Recovery Formula for Lean Muscle Growth, Cherry Lime, 9.7 Ounce


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About the product
  • Promote lean muscle – Burn fat, not lean muscle mass
  • Optimize recovery – An advanced form of peptide-bonded branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) provide optimal absorption and utilization
  • Support nitric oxide synthase – Promotes pumps, performance, nutrient transport and enhanced recovery
  • Burns fat for fuel – Helps your body burn stored fat for energy to support weight loss, all while decreasing protein catabolism, or the breakdown of protein
  • Citrulline has the potential to improve blood flow and oxygen delivery, keeping your muscles full and enhancing performance so you can train harder, for longer. Oligopeptides act as a better transport vehicle for faster absorption and recovery.

Weight Lifting Gloves with Wrist Wraps – For Men & Women – Best Grips for Crossfit Bodybuilding Gym Pull Ups and Heavy Weight Workouts – Ultralight & Comfortable

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  • PROTECT YOUR HANDS FROM CALLUSES & BLISTERS – Discover the most efficient way to prevent calluses and blisters while lifting weights or cross training! AMRAP Gear’s strong and comfortable fitness gloves will make sure that your palms, fingers and knuckles are protected from abuse and will allow you to have a better grip!
  • SUPPORT YOUR WRISTS BY RELIEVING PRESSURE – Whether you are deadlifting, bench pressing or doing chin-ups, or swinging a kettlebell you need to support your wrists and prevent injuries. Our ergonomic weightlifting gloves feature durable wrist guards, which will act like extra tendons and ligaments, thus supporting your wrists and relieving pressure on your hands. Plus, the fully adjustable Velcro straps will guarantee a snug and comfortable fit!
  • LIFT MORE WEIGHT & BOOST YOUR TRAINING – Designed by experienced athletes in the USA, AMRAP Gear’s workout gloves will help you lift more weight due to their enhanced grip. The weight will be distributed to your forearms instead of pressuring your fingers and palms and as a result you will be able to lift more weight and reduce tension on your hands. Wearing our elite and stylish, black fingerless gloves will allow you to exercise like never before!
  • MAXIMIZE YOUR PERFORMANCE WITH SUPERIOR-QUALITY GYM GLOVES – Strength training, cross training, Olympic weightlifting, or any upper body exercise can take a toll on your hands and wrists. Our breathable and protective workout and cross training gloves will offer you unparalleled support and comfort due to the hybrid neoprene & silicone construction and durable design. You will be able to perform better, lift more weight and never miss a workout due to calluses or blisters!
  • 100% RISK FREE PURCHASE: At AMRAP Gear, we have absolute faith in our cross training gloves. After all, we use them ourselves! If, however, there’s anything wrong with the pair you receive, or the size is not right, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll do everything in our power to make your experience a satisfactory one. **VERY IMPORTANT to use our SIZING GUIDE to the left to measure your hand and order the perfect fit .. if in doubt between two sizes GO for LARGER size**